Presentation Topics

Linda speaks on a variety of topics for motivation and inspiration in athletics and in life and can customize a message for your unique group. Some popular topics are described below. Additional subjects are available upon request.

Go for the Gold!

Go for the Gold is a fully customizable motivational and inspirational presentation of Linda’s life story, from growing up as a child with a disability who had no opportunity to participate in sports to ending up as a Paralympic and world champion athlete in wheelchair track. Linda talks about the barriers, both internal and external, that she dealt with on her journey to success…her message is one of hope and motivation for audiences of all kinds.

Disability Awareness and Education
Linda presents a dynamic and interactive lesson on understanding the nature of disability; what it means to have a disability; the barriers that society places on people with disabilities; and, the barriers that people place on themselves, limiting their own understanding and acceptance.  

Disability Law
Linda presents fully customizable lessons and lectures on disability law for audiences from nonprofit organizations to major corporations. Her presentation can be tailored to a particular industry, and includes topics like “Just What is a Reasonable Accommodation and Where Do I Find One?”  Linda presents complex legal topics such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act in an easy to understand fashion, leaving every audience with a new appreciation for and understanding of the law.

Disability and Diversity
Diversity is a buzzword spoken at corporations, universities and city halls all over America. But all too often, diversity is only thought of in terms of racial, ethnic, or gender minority status.  Linda makes a unique case for the inclusion of disability into the diversity discussion, providing an enlightening and engaging presentation for anyone who is concerned with increasing the pool of qualified and talented individuals to choose from—whether in the university, contract, or employment setting.
“Your presentation at CAIC's Annual Luncheon was a home run!! Your skill at verbalizing your inspiring life experiences in a very professional and dynamic, yet humble, presentation is exceeded only by your world-class athletic accomplishments. Thanks again for making our luncheon a huge success!”

David Holmberg
Calumet Area Industrial Commission

“We were lucky to secure Ms. Mastandrea for our keynote speaker. Ms. Mastandrea had everyone’s attention as she talked about her life and how she made it to one of the world’s leading wheelchair track athletes. Cerebral Palsy of NE Florida would recommend Ms. Mastandrea to anyone looking for a great speaker. She has a wonderful story to tell.”

Christi Evans, Development and Marketing Director
Cerebral Palsy NE Florida

“On behalf of Shriner's Hospital, we would like to extend our gratitude in helping make this year’s camp a success. Your knowledge and expertise in track and your enthusiasm had an inspiring effect on all the teens who participated in the camp this year. Your “Get out There” attitude had a positive effect on the campers and has helped these teens develop a sense of self worth. Thank you for helping
make the camp a success!”
Kris Johnson and Sara Klaas
Shriner's Hospital for Children

“In our opinion, the best indicator of the success of your presentation was the enormous amount of student participation during the question and answer session. Our students were excited to learn more about you and were willing to participate. Thank you!”
Alice Smith and Amy Ferraro
Addison Trail High School

“Ms. Mastandrea’s daylong presentation received the highest evaluation scores of any of those presented at this year’s summit. Many attendees sought me out to remark on how good she was.”

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
National Client Assistance Program Training Project

“You were an excellent speaker! The students were very impressed and I’m sure you impacted their thinking!”

Cindy Schendel
Northern Illinois University

“Wow! As our featured keynote speaker you have made a lasting impression on those who attended the Ann Komosa Scholarship Luncheon. This is the second time I’ve invited you to be a keynote speaker. Each time the audience is so impressed and wonderfully treated to a fantastic message.”

Deacon Don Grossnickle
Archdiocese of Chicago